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One Crore Books Free Distribution

A Maha Seva Programme of Selfless Service – The first of its kind in India or even elsewhere in the world. A Maha Seva Programme of Divine Service to merit the infinite compassion of Supreme Lord Shiva.

Under the auspices of Tatvadarshi Shaktipatha Siddha yogi, Siddha Guru Sri Ramanananda Maharshi, organized by Shiva Shakthi Shirdi Sai Anugraha Maha Peetam.

A Maha Seva of free Distribution of One Crore Books -titled “SHIVUDE DEVADIDEVUDU,ADIDEVUDU-PARAMA PURUSHUDU”,here and across the world over in 11 languages by stages. 

A treatise – at once wonderful, unique and exceptional in 11 Parts - 121 Chapters – 456 pages -Authored by Shiva Shakthi Shirdi Sai Anugraha Peetadhipathi – Siddha Guru Sri Ramanananda Maharshi.

First round of distribution – 23 Districts in Andhra Pradesh, 1100 Mandals – 1100 Shiva Temples -On a Single Day- Free Distribution of One Million (10 lakhs) Books

Please perform any one of 7 categories of sevas given below per your means with piety and there by earn enormous bliss and grace of Shiva 

1. Sarva sreshta Book- Donor
2. Parama sreshta Book-Donor
3. Maha sreshta Book-Donor 
4. Visesha visishta Book-Donor
5. Visesha Book-Donor
6. Visishta Book-Donor
7. Utthama Book-Donor

Please participate in this MAHASEVA per your means and encourage others to do so and thereby earn enormous bliss and grace of Shiva.

The distribution of a million (10 lakhs) books will confer on the book-donors bountiful bliss and early grace of Shiva besides fulfillment of wishes and removal of troubles.So every book-donor shall note to distribute his copy on 29th June 2014 only.

The last date to register your name as a book donor is 10th March 2014.

For Participation, Please contact – 07893333544, 09618190000, 09393963778, 07893790009

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SHIRDI SAI ANUGRAHA PEETAM ,Tatvadarshi Sri Ramanananda Maharshi Taponilayam
49-54-6/4/1, Balayya Sastry Layout, Seethammadhara,Visakhapatnam – 530013.